13 January 2000, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University

S.Kunori (Maryland) "Status of HCAL simulation and software"

S.Kunori (Maryland) "Calorimeter in eta 5-7 region"

A.Krokhotine (ITEP) "Optimization of jet trigger alghorithm"

A.Leonidov (LPI) "The pattern of transverse energy flow in high energy hadronic interactions"

I.Vardanian (MSU) "Jet reconstruction in heavy ion collisions with detailed CMSIM115"

P.Zarubin (JINR) "Simulation of HCAL response in heavy ion collisions with fast Monte-Carlo"

S.Abdullin (ITEP) "CMSJET - fast MC for the CMS response simulation and event reconstruction".

M.Dubinin (MSU) "HCAL physics in different eta region"

L.Levchuk (Kharkov) "Heavy Higgs observability at CMS"

A.Volkov (IHEP) "Background in HCAL in dependence on luminosity"

N.Amelin (JINR) "Status of GEANT-4 Physics"

E.Doroshkevich (ITEP) "HCAL, ECAL and HF calibration with GAMMA-JET"

V.Kolossov (ITEP) "Test-beam of CMS HF prototype (1999)"

O.Kodolova (MSU) "Regional Computing Center in Moscow"