The overall cost of the CMS detector is summarized in Table 12.1. The total cost of the detector is 459.0 MCHF.

The RDMS institutes will have to make the following contributions to the CMS detector.

1. Full responsibility:

  • The Endcap Hadron Calorimeters HF estimated western value: 9.1 MCHF. The responsibility does not include:


very front end electronics,


optical connectors;

The estimated western value of these items is 1.0 MCHF.

  • The First Forward Muon Station MF1 (without dedicated trigger detectors) estimated western value: 4.7 MCHF.

2. Responsibility shared with non RDMS institutions:

  • Crystals and Preshower for the Electromagnetic Calorimeter RDMS will contribute to these items the estimated western value of 3.0 MCHF;
  • Part of microstrip gas chambers for the Central Tracker RDMS will contribute to this item the estimated western value of 0.75 MCHF;
  • Part of Very Forward Calorimeter RDMS will contribute to this item the estimated western value of 1.5 MCHF;
  • Part of level-1 Trigger and DAQ (no material contribution).

3. Appropriate cash and in-kind to the CMS Common Projects , such as the Super-conducting Magnet estimated western value: 11.2 MCHF.

The total western value of RDMS contribution through various projects is expected globally to be 30.25 MCHF at 1995 prices (see Table 12.2), i.e. about 7% of the total cost of the Detector. This financial contribution relies very much on the extended involvement of Russia and Dubna member states industries.

The total western value of equipment which could be manufactured in the RDMS industries including the contribution by RDMS to CMS is expected to be about 40 MCHF at 1995 prices.

It is expected that the production cost for equipment manufactured in Russia and Dubna member states industries through RDMS institutions will be less than its western value (in average about two-thirds of western value). It makes it possible to deliver detectors and parts for which RDMS collaboration is responsible with a total western value of 30.25 MCHF for 16.2 MCHF. The cost estimate based on an item by item considerations is given in Table 12.2.

CMS may provide the following HF items: photodetectors, very front end electronics, FERMI, optical connectors.

  1. CMS will consider the possibility of developing a production line in Novosibirsk for production of part of the forward MSGCs and try to provide the necessary equipment.

The total request from Russia and Dubna Member States is 16.2 MCHF. For this funding the total contribution of RDMS Collaboration in CMS money matrix is expected to be 30.25 MCHF. It is expected the funding will be taken from two sources: dedicated funding from Russia for LHC program for the Russian institutions and JINR and contribution from Dubna Member States through JINR. Sharing of funding from Russian Federation and from Dubna Member States will be defined at a later stage.

The spending profile over 6 - 8 years should correspond to the CMS construction schedule in ( Fig. 12.2) and also will be defined at a later stage.

The detailed contribution of Russian Federation and Dubna Member States to the CMS will be specified in the "Memorandum of Understanding" (MoU) wich will be signed by CMS and directors of JINR and Russian Institutions participating in the CMS and approved by CERN Directorate and Ministry of Science and Technical Policy of Russia Federation. In this document JINR will also represent centers from Dubna Member States which have expressed their intent to participate in the CMS Project through Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.