Agenda of the Third Annual RDMS CMS Collaboration Meeting
December 16 - December 17, 1997

16 December

OPENING I.Golutvin

Status Reports

M.Korzhik "Current status of PWO R&D.The role of the R&D of preporoduction and mass production "
V.Kachanov, S.Gninenko "Status of the Endcap ECAL"
N.Zamiatin "Progress on Si-detectors for Preshower" (Abstract)
S.Movchan "Progress on ME1/1 CSC" (Abstract)
V.Kryshkin "Status of the HE PPP"
V.Gavrilov "Optimisation of HF design"


V.Mikhailin "Optical Properties of PWO in the Fundamental Absorption Region"
A.Fedorov "Current status of ACCOS"
S.Bityukov "SW for PWO production"(Abstract)
E.Guschin "ECAL Proto'97"
D.Seliverstov "Status of VPT production in Russia"
N.Golubev "Alveolar Prototypes"

SW & Physics

N.Krasnikov "The search for sleptons and flavour lepton number violation at LHC (CMS)" (Abstract)
V.Ilyin "Higgs signal at LHC in the process pp -->gamma-gamma + jet at low luminosity" (Abstract)
M.Dubinin "Higgs signal at LHC in the process pp -->gamma-gamma + lepton" (Abstract)
V.Kuvshinov "QCD Phenomena Study at the CMS"
L.Rurua "SUGRA parameter determinations "
N.Skachkov "Progress in study of gamma+jet events for HCAL calibration: jets structure"
V.Roinishvili "Possibilities to increase statistic for sin(2beta) measurement"

SW & Physics

L.Sarycheva "Jet extraction in Heavy Ion Collisions with FULL and FAST Simulation of CMS"
R.Kvatadze "Status of jets and Z studies in heavy ions"(Abstract)
P.Zarubin "Heavy ion simulation in Dubna: progress and plans" (Abstract)
O.Kodolova " Status of Upsilon Reconstruction"
A.Snigirev, I.Lokhtin "Dijet and Monojet Studies in Heavy Ion Collisions with CMS" (Abstract)

A.Uzunian " Radiation background Studies'97" (Abstract)
E.Tikhonenko "CMS cluster at JINR Dubna"(Abstract)
E.Tikhonenko "Technical support of RDMS CMS Web server"(Abstract)

17 December


V.Abramov "97 Test beam results" (Abstract)
V.Genchev "Absorber plates production for HE PPP"
A.Kurilin, R.Stefanovich "Production plan of absorber for HE PPP. Design of the HE absorber"
P.Sorokin "Kharkov glass cast polymerization scintillators"
A.Avezov "A study of Radiation Damage of Ouartz Optical fibers" (Abstract)
I.Vankov "Computer controlled HCAL HV systems"
A.Nikitenko "Study of in-situ calorimeter calibration with isolated pions" (Abstract)


D.Litvintsev "Optimization of quartz fiber arrangement for HF"
E.Doroshkevich "HF segmentation and tagging jet detection capability"
A.Ershov "Monitoring of the radiation field in the region of HF"


E.Guschin, Y.Musienko "Signal processing"
V.Popov "Radiation Effects and Monitoring of PWO crystals"
A.Nikitenko "ECAL TDR software and study of E/p matching for ECAL calibration" (Abstract)
V.Sergienko "E-M shower on orientated PWO crystals"
A.Vasiliev "Emission Yield and Energy Resolution in PWO"
A.Urkinbaev "Preshower efficiency for muon detection in Integrated test" (Abstract)


V.Karjavin, V.Tchekhovsky "ME1/1 front-end electronics"
P.Moissenz "Study of CSC strip readout electronics operation at high background rate" (Abstract)
V.Palichik "Estimation of CSC prototype spatial resolution by robust method"(Abstract)


G.Gavrilov "Aging studies of CMS CSCs"(Abstract)
G.Velichko, "Performance simulation of US P0'" (Abstract)
O.Kisselev "US P1 anode wire track finding" (Abstract)
V.Soulimov "Cosmic rays test setup for CSCs" (Abstract)


L.Shekhtman "BINP activity in central tracker"
V.Nagaslaev "Results of test beams in 1997: R&D on AlN coatingsand test of milestone prototype"
A.Khanov "CMS tracker trackfinding performance: different options, redundancy etc"
N.Stepanov "Vertex reconstruction and b-tagging with CMS tracker"