Agenda of the RDMS Task-Force Meeting on December 13-14, 1999

13 December

Development of reconstruction software

1. V.Ilyin (MSU) Proposal for RIVC-BAK.
2. V.Kolosov (ITEP) Experience with (ITEP-MSU) PC cluster
3. I.Vardanian (MSU) Jet reconstruction in HIC with detailed. geometry simulation
4. 0.Kodolova (MSU) Status dimuon reconstruction algorithm for HIC
5. N.Stepanov (ITEP) New type of jetfinders inspired by ibl machine learning algorithms
6. S.Bitioukov (IHEP) Probability of discovery and equal probabilities test
7. S.Kotegov, I.Pavlov (VNIITF) "Dependencies analysis in ORCA3. Independency and abstractness metrixes. "

Simulation of physics processes part 1 (pp-physics)

8. Anna Skachkova (JINR) "W+jets production at LHC - CompHEP, Vecbos and PYTHIA comparison"
9. A.Pukhov, V.Ilin (MSU) "New event generatos for multiparticle final states states at partonic level"
10. S.Slabospitsky (IHEP) "Single top production via W* channel at CMS" (ps.gz)
11. A.Krokhotin (ITEP) CMSIM results for W ->jj reconstruction for heavy higgs decay in two WW.
12. D.Gryaznyh (VNIITF) legkii higgs v WH -> lnu + tautau
13. A.Sannikov (IHEP) Generation of Highly Ionizing Particles in CMS/ME1/1- chamber

Simulation of physics processes part 2 (HI-physics)

14. I.Lokhtin (MSU) Energy losses of massive quarks and high-mass dimuons production in HI collisions with CMS
15. S.Petrouchanko (MSU) Observing Quark matter fireball (Centauro) in HI collisions with very forward CMS calorimeter
16. L.Sarycheva (MSU) Inclusive production in peripheral collisions of ultrareliativistic heavy ions
17. A.Snigirev (MSU) The dependence of initial and final production of hard jets and high-mass dimuons on impact parameter of heavy ion collisions at CMS
18. P.Zarubin (JINR)-- ?

14 December

Detector simulation, calibration, trigger, data base

18. S.Bitioukov (IHEP) Status of endcap updated geometry in CMSIM
19. A.Nikitenko (ITEP) OSCAR project: Status of ECAL geometry in G4
20. V.Kolossov (ITEP) Status of HF geometry in G4
21. A.Nikitenko (ITEP) Study of High Level Tau trigger
22. I.Semenjuk (INR) SW for the ECAL precalibration at H4
23. M.Kirsanov, A.Kovzelev, A. Toropin (INR) Simulation of the Endcap Calibration with electrons from W decays (ORCA-3)
24. S.Bitioukov (IHEP) On calibration of ECAL by electrons
25. A.Uzunian (IHEP) Expected Radiation background in the ME1/1 Region at the LHC Full Luminosity
26. A.Skassyrskaia (INR) Alveolar Data Base - 15 min.
27. Discussion on the plans for 2000 year in subgroups. 1) A.Nikitenko, 2) V.Gavrilov, 3) L.Sarycheva, 4) V.Ilin, 5) M.Kirsanov, 6) O.Kodolova