Agenda of the Fourth Annual RDMS CMS Collaboration Meeting
December 15 - December 16, 1999

Chair: N.Shumeiko

15 December

OPENING I.Golutvin

I.Golutvin RDMS CMS in 1999
V.Gavrilov "Summary of task-force physics simulations"
L.Rurua "Search for Supersymmetry with the CMS detector at LHC"
N.Krasnikov "Search for Supersymmetry at LHC for the case of nonuniversal gaugino masses"
S.Movchan "CSC Performance of ME1/1 muon station"
V.Tchekhovsky "Performance of Minsk ASICs for ME1/1 front-end"
N.Stepanov "Rare top decays at CMS"
S.Slabospitsky "Rare processes in top physics at LHC"
E.Boos "Single top production at LHC"
A.Volodko "HE design and performance"
V.Gavrilov "CMS quartz fiber calorimetry"
N.Zamiatin "Performance of Si-strip detectors for Preshower"

16 December

M.Korzhik "Lead tungstate scintillator for high energy physics"
O.Missevich "Methodology and equipment for certification and control measurements of PWO scintillators for CMS ECAL"
I.Lokhtin "Heavy Ion Physics at CMS"
V.Kuvshinov "QCD instantons - experimental signatures and Monte Carlo simulation"
N.Golubev "EE Alveolar Structure"
Yu.Moussienko "APD development and Quality Assurance and Control Facility at CERN"
O.Kodolova "Task force achievements for detector simulation and reconstruction"
M.Dubinin "Higgs boson signal in the reaction pp --> + 2 forward jets"
V.Ilin "PEVLIB - the library of CompHEP based generators for LHC processes"
A.Khanov "Muon reconstruction in forward region"
S.Sergueev "Supervisory control system for CMS"
V.Mikhailin "Synchrotron radiation investigation of scintillators (PWO, CeF3, LSO, etc.)"
A.Uzunian "Radiation studies results '99"