5th Annual RDMS CMS Collaboration Meeting
"Physics Program with the CMS Detector"
November 22 - 24, 2000


Chairman: V.S.Kaftanov (ITEP)
I.A.Golutvin (JINR) "Status of CMS project"
A.Ball (CERN) " CMS Schedule and Technical Organization"
D.Campi (CERN) "CMS Magnet and Infrastructure Project"

Chairman: V.A.Matveev (INR)
V.A.Rubakov (INR) "Exotic Physics with Infinite Extra Dimensions"
L.B.Okun' (ITEP) "Physics before and after LHC"

Chairman: V.I.Savrin (SINP MSU)
H.Rykaczewski (LHEP Zurich) "Construction of the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter"
V.V.Mikhailin (MSU), A.N.Vasil'ev (MSU) "Scintillators for high-energy physics and medicine"
E.E.Boos (SINP MSU), L.Dudko (SINP MSU), V.I.Savrin (SINP MSU) "Single Top Quarks at LHC"
A.V.Sherstnev (MSU) "Single Top events from CompHEP to ORCA"
V.A.Ilyin (SINP MSU), D.S.Gorbunov (INR) "Sgoldstino events in top decays at LHC"

Chairman: O.L.Kodolova (SINP MSU)
D.A.Murashev (IHEP) "Charged Higgs Contribution into tb-pair Production in Hadronic Collisions"
A.B.Anetbayev (ITEP) "Study of decay Higgs->WW->jjlv"
D.A.Griaznykh (VNIITF Snezhinsk) "Higgs+W observation with Higgs decay to tautau or WW"
A.A.Yershov (SINP MSU) "CMS HF calibration and monitoring with the radioactive source"
E.V.Kuznetsova (PNPI) "Aging studies of CMS CSC under irradiation at GIF Facility"


Chairman: I.A.Golutvin (JINR)
A.Scaramelli (CERN) "Technical Infrastructure for LHC"
L.Robertson (CERN) "Overview on LHC Computing"
I.Willers (CERN) "The CMS Software and Computing Project"

Chairman: V.A.Ilyin (SINP MSU)
A.P.Platonov (RossNIIROS) "Status of Network Communications for Russian Scientific Organizations"
S.F.Berezhnev (SINP MSU) "Status of the connectivity with CERN"
V.V.Korenkov (JINR) "Status of Moscow region GRID"
A.P.Kryukov (SINP MSU) "Russian participation in Test-bed WP of EU DataGrid"

Chairman: N.M.Shumeiko (PHEP Minsk)
V.A.Ilyin (SINP MSU) "PEVLIB: tools for library of events/generators for LHC processes at partonic level"
V.I.Kashkan (IPNAS Minsk), V.I.Kuvshinov (IPNAS Minsk) "Hadronization influence on the MC simulation of the instanton-induced events at CMS"
A.N.Ilychev (PHEP Minsk), N.M.Shumeiko (PHEP Minsk), V.A.Zykunov (GSTU Gomel) "One-loop electroweak radiative correction to the single W-production in hadron-hadron collisions"
V.N.Roinishvili (IFAS Tbilisi) "CMS sensitivity for CP-asymmetry in B->pi+pi- decay"
M.M.Kirsanov (INR), S.N.Gninenko (INR), N.V.Krasnikov (INR) "Perspectives of searching for a heavy isosinglet neutrino in CMS"

Chairman: V.B.Gavrilov (ITEP)
S.I.Bityukov (IHEP) "Problems of statistical analysis in experiment proposals"
O.L.Kodolova (SINP MSU) "Status of dimuon reconstruction at CMS"
V.V.Palichik (JINR) "Muon Reconstruction in ORCA"
I.N.Vardanyan (SINP MSU) "Reconstruction of 20 GeV hard jets for the case of high luminosity"
A.A.Krokhotin (ITEP) "Optimization of Level1 calorimeter trigger algorithm"
V.F. Konoplyanikov (JINR) "Jet energy scale setting with "gamma+jet" events for a hadronic calorimeter of CMS"
M.M.Kirsanov (INR) "Status of the ORCA study of the ECAL EE in situ calibration with electrons from W decays"


Chairman: N.E.Tyurin (IHEP)
N.V.Krasnikov (INR) "Search for supersymmetry at LHC"
S.Kunori (Maryland) "Physics with CMS Hadron Calorimeter"
V.A.Petrov (IHEP) "Soft and hard diffraction at LHC"

Chairman: N.V.Krasnikov (INR)
A.M.Snigirev (SINP MSU) "Search for quark-gluon plasma in high energy nuclear interactions"
A.B.Kaidalov (ITEP) "Heavy ion physics at LHC energies"
M.G.Ryskin (PNPI) "Double diffraction production of Higgs Bosons at LHC"

Chairman: L.I.Sarycheva (SINP MSU)
I.M.Dremin (LPI) "Long-range particle correlations and wavelets in nuclear collisions"
P.I.Zarubin (JINR) "Overview of CMS Heavy Ion Workshop'2000"
I.P.Lokhtin (SINP MSU) "Hard probes of quark-gluon plasma in heavy ion collisions at CMS"
R.Kvatadze (HEPI TSU Tbilisi) "High mass dimuon detection in heavy ion collisions with CMS"
A.P.Kryukov (SINP MSU), L.I.Sarycheva (SINP MSU) "Peripheral electromagnetic Higgs production in heavy ion and pp collision at LHC"

Chairman: I.P.Lokhtin (SINP MSU)
V.L.Korotkikh (SINP MSU), K.A.Chikin (MSU) "The possibility of peripheral heavy ion collisions selection with the help of gamma-radiation of discrete nuclear levels at LHC"
V.V.Uzhinskii (JINR) "Possibilities of collective flows study at LHC"
A.Galoyan (JINR) "Unique features of Uranium-Uranium interactions at LHC"
S.V.Petrouchanko (MSU) "Heavy ion studies with CMS HF calorimeter"
S.V.Shmatov (JINR) "Global Observables for CMS Heavy Ion Mode: New Opportunities"