The members from Russia and Dubna Member States created an organizational structure providing the necessary strength to take responsibility for the construction of detectors for CMS and appear as a single scientific body. The upper level of the management of the RDMS CMS collaboration comprises two boards: the Collaboration Board and Executive Committee. At the lower level (subdetector projects) when many participating institutions are involved subdetector institution boards may be created.

The Collaboration Board is the governing body of RDMS CMS collaboration and is responsible for making all major (strategic) decisions within the collaboration.

  • The membership consists of institutions or countries representatives.
  • Institution or country representatives each have one vote.
  • The Collaboration Board has a Chairperson who is elected by the Collaboration Board Members.
  • The Collaboration Board is responsible for electing the Spokesperson of RDMS CMS Collaboration.
  • Spokesperson of RDMS CMS collaboration is ex-officio non voting member of the Collaboration Board.

The Executive Committee is responsible for directing the RDMS CMS project. It is chaired by the Spokesperson of RDMS CMS Collaboration.

The membership consists of:

  • the Spokesperson of RDMS CMS Collaboration,
  • the Chairperson of the Collaboration Board,
  • the Subsystems technical coordinators, project managers and chairpersons of Institution Boards.