Following the expression of interest of various groups from Russian and Dubna Member State institutions and the recommendation of the CMS management RDMS scientists will concentrate their major efforts at four well defined projects inside CMS:

1. The Endcap Hadron Calorimeters (HF) (full responsibility) and the Very Forward Calorimeters (VF). Both activities are parts of the full Hadron Calorimetry (HCAL) CMS management has appointed I.Golutvin (JINR) as Project Manager of HF subsystem. V.Kryshkin (IHEP) was appointed as a Technical coordinator. A.Volodko (JINR) was elected as a Chairperson of RDMS Institution Board which comprises one representative from each RDMS institution participating in HCAL.

2. The first forward muon station MF1 (full responsibility).

3. The PbWO4 electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL) and preshower in the collaboration with other non RDMS institutions.

4. The tracker (part of the MSGC in collaboration with other non RDMS institutions).

In addition RDMS collaboration plays an active role in two common projects like software and Magnet participating in which is the responsibility of the whole CMS RDMS collaboration. Several groups are interesting in Heavy Ion physics. The sharing of responsibilities between institutions and countries is given in Table 11.1.