The drawings on HCAL Endcap and Muon Endcap 1/1 can be found at the CDD server at CERN. The drawings are located at the CDD server in accordance with the associated PBS codes. Be sure that HPGLviewer is installed at your computer for to have a possibility to visualize the drawings.

The following PBS codes for HCAL Endcap have been defined:
CMSDIHEP : Detector Integration - HCAL endcap - parameters
CMSHEABL : HCAL endcap - absorber - assembly drawings (layout)
CMSHEABM : HCAL endcap - absorber - mechanics
CMSHEMTM : HCAL endcap - megatiles - mechanics
CMSHEYNL : HCAL endcap - interface - assembly drawings (layout)
CMSHEYNM : HCAL endcap - HE/YN1 interface - mechanics

The following PBS codes for Muon Endcap 1/1 have been defined:
CMSME11M : muon endcap - 1/1 - mechanics
CMSME11P : muon endcap - 1/1 - parameters